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I am happy, you are here. At the moment you can find two publications in English on this page. Besides the erotic novel "The Chimney Sweep's Luck" and "My scammer and me" you find a translation button at the bottom of each page. Have fun.
He pulls me to him and rubs his fat rod against my leg and that’s the moment when nothing else matters, whether we know each other, or if he’s crying or laughing, whether he’s dirty or clean. I play with the soot on his skin and brush it out of his hair. I rub it into myself, and cover him with kisses hoping for more of those feathery caresses. I search for his mouth, which is sucking my nipples and when he knocks at my gate, it’s as just as feathery light. He carries me away into a fairyland, where the flakes unexpectedly stroke my skin and where the pulsating gives the promise of life.

Breathtaking sexual adventures begin for Noemi with the erotic seduction of the chimney sweep. Only when she overcomes her feelings of guilt she can find and live her true sensual self. The story is about love, jealousy and erotic sensuality. It is not limited to heterosexuality. A novel with self-confident sexual partners.
This is the story of me and my scammer. A scammer is somebody, who tries to wrap people in a lovely way in order to make them send money. It takes a long time until a scammer asks for money, before this happens there can exist a wonderful and sensitive communication. The photos, which are sent by a scammer are stolen in the internet, they are published by real persons and can be of existing people, but also of dead persons. I had good luck, that I could get in touch with the real Sergeant Steward, of whom I had received many potos behind his back. He was very kind and as we compared the information I had, I could find out the truth. I was very glad, that the real Sergeant is at home and not in Libya, that his life is not in danger and many things more, but just read the story. It is also amusing. I wrote the story in English, because the communication around this subject was and is in English